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Why One Two Lash Are the Best Magnetic Eyelashes

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One Two Lash Are the Best Magnetic Eyelashes 

Looking beautiful and feeling beautiful is one of the best things that make people stand out. The place people target most to bring out their beauty is the face and especially the eyes. Fake lashes have been in use for years as one way of making the eyes look extra beautiful, sexy and attractive. However, putting on those lashes can sometimes be a nightmare. Keeping them in place is also another nightmare. 

What if you heard there is a special kind of magnetic eyelashes that make wearing lashes cool and effortless to mount? Go for it of course. Thanks to Katy Stoka of One Two Cosmetics who came up with the perfect alternative to the old fake lashes. Her belief that no woman should waste so much time mounting fake lashes that end up disappointing anyway, led her to develop magnetic eyelashes that have changed the way women perceive beauty. Her idea gave the world One Two Lashes. 

What are One Two Lashes? 

One Two Lashes are glamorous, unique and original magnetic eyelashes assembled by hand and use patented magnetic technology to keep them in place. Made from very high quality synthetic fibres, One Two Lashes do not need any glue to fix them and are free of any messes that come with applying other fake lashes. Anybody can comfortably wear them at any time of the day or night. 


The idea of wearing magnetic eyelashes may seem crazy and sophisticate to some people. Concerns like how the magnetic eyelashes hold onto the face, yet the face is neither metallic nor magnetic or if the magnetic field affects the health especially with the eyes being so close to the brain are some of the most asked questions. The answer to these questions is very simple. For every eye, the magnetic eyelashes come with a lash strip, lined with micro-magnets. These micro-magnets sandwich the natural lashes and the One Two Lashes tightly holding them together. The best part is they are completely safe. 

How hard is it to mount One Two Lashes? 

Just because they are magnetic eyelashes and sound and look so sophisticated does not mean the One Two Lashes are hard to use. Applying them is very easy and involves only two steps, which are: 

magnetic eyelashesmagnetic eyelashesmagnetic eyelashesmagnetic eyelashes

Remove the top eyelash from the package and carefully place it on just on top of your own lashes. This top eyelash should be the one without a red dot. Align the edges of your own lashes and those of the One Two Lashes together. 

Go back to the package and take out the bottom red dotted lash and carefully place it beneath your natural lashes. Align it gently to be on the same level with the top lash. The micro-magnets in each of the lashes automatically attracts them to each other and on the process, sandwich your natural lashes. 

Follow the same procedure with the other eye and you are done and ready to start your day or night. 


What makes One Two Lashes stand out? 


They are very fast to mount. The lashes go on in seconds and you do not have to spend ages trying to align them or pick them up when they fall because they do not fall. 


Whereas you end up with a mess when you are mounting fake lashes, the same cannot be said about One Two Lashes. They leave no mess behind, as they use no glue, which has a tendency of sticking on the fingers and sometimes on the face. 


The patent glue free design is completely free from any irritations and they are very safe to use for anyone. They do not irritate the eyes or damage the natural look of your lashes unlike other lash extensions and they are safe to use daily. 

Budge proof 

The magnetic technology used in making the One Two Lashes ensures that the lashes stay in place until you are ready to remove them. They do not fall off no matter what you do. 


One Two Lashes are simply beautiful. They are long, natural, sexy, flirty, and unique and definitely make anyone wearing them stand out. They come in three styles of bold, natural and accent. 


As long as you take good care of the lashes, they will last for as long as you wish them to. The casing is good enough to keep them in good condition forever and cleaning them is an easy job. 

Affordable and cost effective 

The One Two Lashes are worth every penny. Because they give you high quality results that you cannot get from any other lashes. They are affordable and readily available. 

Wrapping it up 

If you are tired of unnecessary fills and irritations from all those other fake lashes out there, say goodbye to strip lashes and go for One Two Lashes to achieve effortless beauty. You will simply love the change that comes with using them. 


Featured Photo by Audrey Jackson on Unsplash



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