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Why is Green Coffee Bean Extract in My Weight Loss Supplements?

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Why is Green Coffee Bean Extract in My Weight Loss Supplements

Many of you are familiar with the never-ending debate of whether coffee is good for you or not. To make matters more complicated, there is the debate on green coffee bean extract. Weight loss is something that most people desire at some point. In that case, people will go to extreme levels just to see a cut in their weight figures. While I have been in the same situation myself, I was able to get out of that situation, and I am here to take about that. Believe it or not green coffee extract is just the thing your weight loss supplements need. 

What is The Origin of Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee bean extracts are simply unroasted coffee beans, and they contain chlorogenic acids.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work To Reduce Weight?

Whether green coffee bean extracts help in weight loss is not a matter of debate because scientific studies have been conducted and the results were positive even though they are small. The chlorogenic acids in the extracts play a huge role cutting weight because they prevent the body from absorbing substances such as carbs. Carbs and other similar materials are responsible for slowing down the rate of metabolism, therefore, causing a build-up of fats.

What Are The Benefits of Green Bean Extracts?

From the times that I have used these products, I can attest that they have the following benefits: 

  1. They work fast. A few minutes after taking theseweight loss supplements, it does not take long before you start feeling the effects. Loss of appetite is also something that I experienced meaning I could not take more food that would make me add weight.
  2. They are readily available. Green coffee bean extracts are readily available and are cheaper to acquire as compared to other types of weight loss methods.

What is The Difference Between Green Coffee Bean Extracts And Processed Coffee?

Green coffee bean extracts have the chlorogenic acids that make them suitable for weight loss. On the other hand, processed coffee has their chlorogenic acids decreased by a significant amount, therefore, is not ideal for the weight cutting process.

Green Coffee Bean

Do Green Coffee Bean Extracts Have Side Effects?  

Just like processed coffee, green coffee bean extracts also have side effects because they contain caffeine as well. As a result, you are bound to receive the following side effects the moment you take these extracts:   

  • Regular stomach upsets
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Frequent urge of urination
  • Constant headaches
  • Rise in anxiety levels 

What You Should Consider Before Buying These Products  

Because the ability of green coffee bean extracts to reduce weight is still debated amongst many scientists, you should consider some factors before buying and using the products. For instance, the FTC has recently sued some companies selling the green coffee bean extracts because of providing “false information” regarding the products abilities. If you choose to try this product, make sure that you abide by the instructions given. Also, ensure that you are purchasing quality and legitimate products, especially weight loss supplements, because scammers who want to defraud you will always seize every opportunity they get.  

Where Can You Purchase the Green Coffee Bean Extracts?  

From your local grocery or food store, you can get these products. On the other hand, you can choose to purchase them online. In fact, it is easier to purchase them online because you not only get the best products but also get the best deals because you get to compare the prices easily.  


Weight loss supplements have many ingredients one of them being green coffee bean extracts. While there has been a lot of debate concerning their ability to help people cut weight, the extracts continue to undoubtedly work. They work by releasing some acids that hinder the absorption of some foods that may otherwise cause weight gain. Personally, I find them effective and they are worth considering the next time you are looking for a way to cut weight. It’s always important to note that any weight loss supplements should not be taken alone. You still need to exercise and diet properly for these to work.




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