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How much does VI peel cost?

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How much does VI peel cost?

When you have a skin condition that makes you look ugly you may wonder whether you have a way out of that. Well, there is some good news for you and you can have all those wrinkles or the chronic acne out of your face and be back to a fresh and radiant skin. VI peel has been used to bring glowing skin from the effects of myriad conditions such as wrinkles, sun burns, hyperpigmentation, and sometimes precancerous cells. But the big question would be, how much does VI peel cost? 

Estimated cost of VI peel

Before you commit to undertake the VI peel procedure, it would be prudent to know how much it will cost. To establish how much you would pay for the treatment, the author of this article conducted some deep research by interviewing a number of credible VI peel specialists. It was established that the procedure will cost between $400 and $500. The range of the price is determined by the severity of your skin condition. Those who have their skin in dire situation will have to pay more for the procedure as opposed to those with a mild condition that may not need an intensive attention. After the procedure, most people prefer for an aftercare plan. The most used after care method is the care system VI Derm Skin. Each of these products will cost an extra of $32-$88. You can get them at the same place you had the procedure performed. It is advisable that you get appropriate aftercare to ensure that your skin heals perfectly and no one will notice that you once had a scar. 


VI peel financing options

You would probably hope that your insurance will cover for your VI peel procedure. Unfortunately, insurance treats this procedure as an aesthetic one and not a medical expense so they will not cover it. Sometimes you may not be able to pay that entire amount from your pocket and you will need some alternative financing. So, what other options do you have to finance your VI peel cost?

  • Personal savings: you can pay for your treatment procedure through your savings. Doctors offer a relaxed method where the cost is spread across a number of months. 
  • Banks: your bank will be willing to offer you a loan to go for the VI peel. You can always pay it back at your own pace way after your healthy is back.
  • Established creditors: there are creditors always willing to lend you some money and you pay back with some interest. It serves your purpose since you will have the VI peel procedure done and pay back the funds on the agreed time.


How much does VI peel cost? You now have the estimates and what remains is to make the decision whether to have it or not. You also have some sources of funds and no reason at all should you live with a skin that makes you uncomfortable. Make your way today to your doctor and ask about the procedure and say goodbye to the aged and wrinkled skin. 



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