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5 Things to Know Before Taking Stem Cell Supplements

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5 Things to Know Before Taking Stem Cell Supplements 

Stem cell supplements are one of the hottest products you can find today because of their rare ability to help regenerate new, healthy cells in your body. And that’s great news! You see, stem cells are a nutrient-like substance involved in many different body processes and while we naturally produce them, as we age it is normal for production to decline.1 For this reason, it becomes even more important to consider the value of stem cells in overall health as you get older.  

What Are Stem Cells? 

vital stem

If you are still a little fuzzy on what exactly stem cells are basically, they are like a cell that is a “blank slate” meaning that it lacks genetic information. Because of that, when you add stem cells to your diet through foods, supplementation, or even injection they can work along with any of your body tissues to mimic those cells. Because they are “blank,” stem cells are able to help restore damaged soft tissues, as well as organ tissues by regenerating new, healthy cells. The best part about stem cells is HOW they do this. Essentially, (without getting too scientific) stem cells borrow the genetic material from your other cells, and then replicate themselves, thus forming new tissues to help repair any damaged area of your body. 

Many times, illnesses can occur later in life due to the normal wear, and tear of the aging process. This however, is something stem cells may help with! Just think of stem cells as a way of adding a tiny repair system to your body for all of your cells. Once they are inside, they may help to reduce your risk of developing many health problems that are common with age.2  

5 Things to Know Before Taking Stem Cell Supplements 

Stem cells come in many forms, however, the type of cells that are able to replicate new, healthy tissues anywhere in your body are known as adult, or somatic, stem cells. These are the same stem cells that Vital Stem, the premium stem cell supplement produced by Live Cell Research, helps support.  

But before adding this supplement to your everyday health regimen, here are 5 need-to-know facts about stem cell supplements: 

  1. There are many types. Stem cellsupplements are not all created equal. There are numerous different brands of stem cell supplements on the market and they all contain various ingredients. Vital Stem, on the other hand, contains a proprietary blend of ingredients, which means these ingredients have never been sold together in one supplement. 
  2. They can work for anyone. Stem cell therapy can work for anyone! While most people think of stem cell supplements primarily as an anti-aging therapy, they can be used during any stage of life to boost the production of new, healthy,human cells. Oftentimes however, stem cell supplements are used by older people, but this is not necessary as they can be utilized at any age. 
  3. They’re good for the brain! One of the most notable qualities about stem cells is their ability to support a healthy, and properly functioning brain. Numerous clinical trials support this. In one study, stem cells were said to be vital for both stem cell maintenance and self-renewal in the brains of infants and adult nervous systems.3  
    In the adult brain, stem cell therapy was revealed as a way to potentially restore proper brain function in adults with brain disorders such as stroke. The stem cells were proposed in this study to actually integrate into active neural networks, to support functional brain recovery.4  
  1. They are generally very safe. Overall, there are very few reported interactions with stem cell supplements. In fact, many people are able to add the power of Vital Stem by Live Cell Research into their everyday health regimen along with others like fish oil, resveratrol, and glucosamine.5 
  2. They are “Master” cells. Stem cells can be called “master” cells because they work in a way to repair cellular damage in all types of tissues including that of your muscles, joints, skin, major organs, and even your brain.Every bottle of Vital Stem contains ingredients known to aid in the reproduction of new, healthy cells – anywhere in your body!6  

The Vital Stem Difference 


If you want to improve the health and production of stem cells in your body, you should try Vital Stem by Live Cell Research. Formulated with the amino acids L-leucine and L-carosine, as well as blueberry fruit, green tea leaf extract, and Vitamin D3, Vital Stem is made specifically to support your overall health and longevity. 

It is rare for Vital Stem to interact with other dietary supplements however, it is important that you still discuss this with your doctor before adding anything new to your health regimen. That way you can be absolutely sure that you can address your specific health concerns with the power of Vital Stem by Live Cell Research. 

Talk to your doctor today about adding this very important supplement to your everyday health regimen in the form of Vital Stem!  



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